My Type

Upon lots of careful reflection, I have concluded that if I were a Disney character, I would be


Because I am shaped precisely like that.  No.  Not really.  That was a joke.

Meg is fiercely independent and opinionated.  She says what she thinks, and she means what she says.  In a word, Meg is feisty.

But mostly I am Meg because deep down she's a sucker for this guy:

Kinda shy.  Kinda awkward.  Occasionally uncoordinated.  Always looking out for others.  Always has his heart in the right place. Treats Meg like a goddess.

Oh yeah, and those blue eyes and rippling pectorals don't hurt my feelings either.


Life is Good

Have you ever just had that feeling that you're exactly where you belong?

This afternoon I left the Dean's Office for the last time {as an employee.}  I took my nameplate and name tag and said my goodbyes.  It was sad, to be sure.  They've been so good to me there.  I've been a secretary for around three and a half years now, so it was hard to walk away.

I walked out of the Dean's Office and into the Life Sciences building {arguably the ugliest place on campus.}  As I walked down the hideous hall, I reflected on the direction my life was headed: two years of long nights and early mornings in this building.  Successes and failures.  My own research.  Although Suzy will be shocked to hear this, it intimidates the heck out of me.  I met with the two professors that I am considering as graduate advisers to discuss doing rotations in their labs until I make my choice. I talked with both of them for around half an hour. 

And it was so good.

I am where I belong.  Talking with a Ph.D. about obesity and metabolism and pathology and Western blots and protein interactions and lab safety and being a first author and writing a thesis is where I belong.  It really is.

The Widtsoe Building may be beastly, but today it felt like home.  And I cannot wait for school to start on Monday.

{To Claire: in the part of this post about the Dean's Office, I considered sticking the sweet facebook glasses picture.  I resisted because your friendship means that much to me.  You're welcome.}


Gone Postal

postal: adj. crazy, insane, irrational
In July I sold my old biochem book "Principles of Biochemistry" online to some kid in Washington.  Poor bloke.  I shipped it to him from the campus post office on July 13th with a little note tucked inside the cover wishing him luck in biochemistry.  It's not the easiest of classes, and I wouldn't exactly describe the book as 'light reading' (figuratively or literally...the think weighs like 25 pounds.....give or take...)

Imagine my disgruntled reaction to receiving the following email last Friday:

"I ordered "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry" (5th ed. by Nelson).   It was shipped on July 13 and hasn't arrived yet."

Are. You. Serious.  What am I supposed to say to that?  I shipped it the cheapest possible way (via USPS) so there was no tracking number.  According to I had three options:  a) refund him, b) ship him another copy, c) tell him to be patient and keep waiting.  Great.  Obviously option c) was my favorite, but if I were the dissatisfied customer, I don't think I'd agree.  I had no other copy of the book to send him; one biochemistry book was more than enough to suit my needs.  And I most definitely didn't want to give him his money back, because then I was stuck with no book and no money.

So I picked option d: complain loudly to coworkers about the joke that is the United States Postal Service.   The crowning glory of all my complaints went something like this:  "I could have WALKED to Washington and HAND-DELIVERED it myself by now!"

Claire had the audacity to challenge my statement.  So we took it to the ultimate authority:  Google Maps, walking directions.

As you can see, I was right. In the 23 days that had passed since I shipped the book, I could have easily walked to his front door, even if I were getting a full 8 hours of sleep on the side of the freeway every night.


{Incidentally, I also picked option c) and asked the kid to sit tight, as the only addresses written on the package were mine and his, so it was bound to end up on one of our front steps eventually.  He responded very politely.  Hopefully the crisis has been averted.}

If You're Reading This

Dear Seth,
If you're reading this, you should know that I'm really sorry things had to end on a bad note.  Best of luck in your future.

Dear Nathan,
If you're reading this, you should know that I haven't really been able to look at you the same after your bitter tirade last summer.  I think you know the one I mean.

Dear Kevin,
If you're reading this, you should know that if you didn't hang out with such loud, crass girls, nice girls might want to date you more.

Dear Jayce,
If you're reading this, you should know that I have a ridiculous crush on you.

Dear Paul,
If you're reading this, you should know that I saw you on campus the other day with your girlfriend.  You guys looked really cute.  I'm very happy that you've moved on and are happy.

Dear Prince Charming,
If you're reading this, you should stop reading and just come find me.  Any time would be great.