Wednesday this week was my last ever day of undergraduate classes.  What a cool feeling.

Thursday this week I jumped out of an airplane and fell 13,000 feet back to the ground.  Also a cool feeling.

Seth's roommate Hudson and his girlfriend Eve decided to go skydiving last week, and they invited us to come.  I kept it a secret from my roommates, and especially from my parents.  I couldn't imagine my mom loving the idea of me skydiving.  

So we got up early on Thursday and drove to Tooele (aka: the middle of nowhere....)  We watched an orientation video that convinced us all that we were going to die.  Then we had to read over and sign these horrendous contracts in which we agreed our families/heirs wouldn't sue them when we died or were dismembered.  Then we got all strapped in to our harnesses and climbed aboard the airplane (which was held together by duct tape....true story.)  And then we jumped.

Seth and Me, prior to jumping

Seth had his phone in a pocket on the front of his shirt, and he got some awesome video on the way down.  Check it out!


Some Cool Things to Look At

Things We Forget:  uplifting sticky-notes left to their fates in public places

Click HERE and when the page loads, click on the little squares.  You'll be glad you did.  (Make sure your volume is turned up.)

THIS bag is adorable, and I really want to make one.

How About Orange is always fun.  Take a looksie.

AND, I really want to make my very own Jackson Pollock-esque painting.  For a bit of fun, online practice, you can try THIS.

Oh, and by the way, I went skydiving yesterday.  It was super fun. More on that to come, but I thought I'd post a picture of how cute I looked...minus jumpsuit, harness and hat.....oh wait....not cute.  Still fun though!



On Friday I learned how to eat with chopsticks when Seth took me to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  I was very bad at it.  I decided it's hard to feel dainty and lady-like while using them.  Perhaps that comes with more experience?  Seth kept laughing at me, but in my defense he had a lot of practice during the two years he lived in Taiwan.

Regardless of my lack of skill, I am crossing this goal off the list.  Especially since the wording of the goal was only to 'learn to use them properly,' not 'learn to use them with grace, elegance and poise.'

Soaking Wet

I am not really a fan of getting wet.  When Suzy organized an intramural 'inner tube water polo' team, I opted to 'coach' rather than play.  It was a lot of fun going to the games and watching the team improve.  I'm sure they owe all their success to my abilities as a motivational speaker and my water polo strategical prowess.  I really do have a gift.

Team picture before one of their last games.

On the night of the last game, I was also able to cross a goal off the Day Zero list: jump into a body of water fully clothed.  Although I would be lying if I said I enjoyed the experience, it's always good to do hard or unpleasant things, right?  My roommate Annie jumped in with me for moral support.

Soaking wet and glad that goal is done :)