Status Updates

On Facebook there is a special little box where one can post a 'status.' It is a virtual blank slate on which thoughts, emotions and feelings can be expressed...or song lyrics...or movie lines...or pretty much whatever. Through this window, one may allow all of one's friends, relatives and mere acquaintances to know exactly what is going on in one's life.

I feel that the status is, for the most part, inherently stupid. Frankly, who really cares? There are very few people I am friends with on Facebook from whom I actually feel the need to receive breaking news flashes every thirty minutes. I am sure the same could be said by most of my friends about me. If I feel that there is something important that I need someone to know, I call him or her. I most definitely don't make it my Facebook status.

But the silliness of the status as an entity aside, I really don't understand the need that some people have to post very intimate [and embarrassing] details of their lives in such a public domain. For example: this evening I took a moment from my studies to get on my Facebook and browse because my brain needed a break from cramming. I was greeted by a message at the top of my home page posted by a girl I have known for several years. While her behavior is not is still ridiculous.

She posted a very long, detailed [poorly written, spelled and punctuated] status about how relationships are 'just a form of Hell on earth' and she should know better than to 'wear her heart on her sleave (sic.)' Gee...I wonder if someone just broke up? A status like this is a cry for people to flock to her wall offering sympathy and giving her opportunity to expound the whole [one-sided] truth about how used and abused she was by a heartless jerk.

Reading this latest post led me to recall that just a few short weeks ago, she was hopelessly twitter-pated with some guy...enough so as to declare herself 'in a relationship' with him. She had embarrassing statuses then too. Soppy things about how excited she was to go out with 'an extremely cute guy' and how she hoped 'a certain someone' would like her new hair.

This is all completely pointless. I certainly don't care that she had a two week fling with a guy that was probably just bored and looking for some excitement for the last week and a a half of the semester. I have a feeling that 90% of her 'friends' are with me on this one. How is airing this dirty laundry helping her situation? If anything, I am embarrassed for her because of her total lack of judgement...and not just in guys.

Why must people record their emotional baggage in a place where it ends up on my computer screen?


This is Just a Test...

Today I lost all faith in personality tests. For a class I am taking, our teacher had us take the MBTI personality test. According to the test booklet, "The MBTI instrument measures preferences, not abilities, maturity, or development," but regardless of all of that...I failed it.

I failed a personality test.

I am not really sure what to make of it all. I was so excited to take the test; we'll be discussing it in class on Monday. I took it the first chance that I had. And then I scored it...

And it was wrong. I am not those things it said about me. I am not extroverted or spontaneous...and I definitely don't learn best by doing. Who knows what that is all about? Maybe I got such weird results because I took it during my chemistry lecture?

I don't know why...I just know it was wrong.

Which is why I have now lost all faith in personality tests.

Isn't it great that there are bigger things to have faith in?