GRE? Check!

Last week was long and pretty crazy, but I made it.  I feel like things went quite well.  On Tuesday I took the GRE.  It was long, and a bit nerve wracking.  When you take it, you get your scores back as soon as you finish (since it's a computerized test) and I am happy to report that I will not be taking it again!


Week at a Glance

I'm feeling a little bit frantic this of those times that being a student gets me a little bit down.  Here's a brief rundown of the next seven days:

GRE practice test @ 8:00 am
Chick embryo lab work @ 11:00 am
Work @ 1:00 pm
Relief Society Activity @ 6:00 pm
Homework? Hopefully? 8:00 pm?
Write paper about the themes of the Aeneid (who cares?)

Class @ 9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Paper due @ 11:00
Class @ 1:00 and 2:00
Work @ 3:00
Homework @ 5:00 until I fall over dead, or just fall asleep at my computer

Work on 10-20 page research paper on 'The effect of maternal nutrition on the fetus' like a CRAZY woman @ 7:00
Class @ 11:00
Work @ 12:00
Work on research paper like a CRAZY woman @ 5:30
Make dinner...sometime
Work on research paper like a CRAZY woman until I am dead or it is finished

Class @ 9:00 and 11:00
Work @ 12:00
Drop off three copies of research paper to professor @ 1:50
Class @ 2:00
Leave for Idaho @ 3:00
Watch Jared's last home football game @ 7:00
Stay up late talking to family

Study for the GRE all day. Like crazy. With the intention of cramming in everything that I was supposed to learn as an undergraduate...
Haley's play @ 7:00

Crash. Thank heavens for the day of rest.
(Also, attend church...I'm not sure what time...)
Drive back to Provo @ 5:00

Genetics homework @ 8:00
Class @ 9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Genetics homework @ 12:00
Class @ 1:00
Embryology test review @ 2:00
Work @ 3:00
GRE practice @ 5:00
FHE @ 7:00
Go to bed early. Stop kidding myself into thinking that practicing for the GRE the night before will make any difference.

GRE @ 8:00 am in Lindon.

Not really excited about any of this...  Always trying to remember that things could definitely be worse.  Like my dad would say 'Count your blessings, Meliss.'  I'm trying Dad.  I promise.


Hey Jude!

When someone who's practically your sister has a baby, that makes him practically your nephew, right?

Welcome to the world
Jude Starr Clark
It was very nice to meet you!


100 Things that Make Me Happy

Today I redesigned my blog.  I had fun doing it, and I hope you like it.

I also made a list of 100 things that make me happy.  It was one of the goals I made for my Day Zero Project.  Another one of my goals was to blog all of my goals...  So without further ado:

1. Blue skies
2. Kidneys
3. Talking about Paul
4. My photo slideshow screensaver
5. Crossing tasks of a list
6. Clean sheets
7. Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
8. Sprinkles on cakes
9. Dew drops on leaves
10. Freckles on toddlers
11. Fresh flowers
12. Sending cards
13. Comments on my blog
14. Beautiful wedding pictures
15. Cheesy love songs
16. High heels
17. Sharpie pens
18. Office supplies
19. Getting wedding announcements in the mail
20. Anything remotely related to London
21. Sharing clothes
22. Movies that I’m too old to like but like anyway
23. Living with sophomores
24. Baby Jude
25. My family
26. Painted fingernails
27. Raisins with my girlies
28. General Conference
29. Getting letters
30. Reminiscing
31. Looking ahead
32. Wearing sweaters
33. Easy exams
34. Drinking thick milkshakes through a straw
35. The smell of bleach
36. Fixing things
37. Running into friends on campus
38. Making long lists
39. Fresh fruit
40. Delicious pasta
41. Checking books out from the library
42. Smooth legs
43. Talking about biology
44. Baby laughs
45. Things that are blue
46. Boxes and containers
47. Impressive piano performances
48. Dark rain clouds
49. Sitting in the bow of the boat
50. Talking about things in Humanities that I’ve seen in real life
51. The smell of vanilla
52. Fireworks
53. Fall leaves
54. French toast
55. Furniture stores
56. Disinfecting surfaces
57. Baking on Saturday morning
58. New makeup
59. Getting my hair brushed
60. My job
61. Young adult fiction
62. Feeding people
63. Talking on the phone
64. Funny emails from my dad
65. Colorful Band-Aids
66. Paisley
67. Marshmallow crème
68. Shoe shopping
69. Dollar movies
70. Dipping things in chocolate
71. Soundtracks
72. Adobe Illustrator
73. Big jewelry
74. Oil paintings
75. Free font downloads
76. Climbing into a freshly made bed
77. Magnet poetry words
78. Drawing pictures on my microfiber couches
79. The letter ‘M’
80. Painted toenails
81. Hot chocolate made with milk
82. Things that sparkle
83. Curly hair that doesn’t go flat
84. Wacky-shaped clocks
85. StumbleUpon
86. Cameras that make clicking noises when you take pictures
87. Funky rain gear
88. Grand pianos
89. Ginormous bags
90. Polka dots
91. My brothers’ and sisters’ successes
92. Comfy sweats
93. Giraffe print
94. My GIANT paper chain
95. Pencil skirts
96. My softball mitt
97. Rumikub
98. Old tennis shoes
99. Jeans that are the perfect amount of worn-out-ness
100. Quote books