Grand Canyon, Briefly

At some point I intend to write a more thorough post about our trip to the Grand Canyon, but for right now I just wanted to post a couple pictures.

It was really windy. We all have pretty weird hair in all of our photos as a result.


Softball Season Summary

My little team improved so much during the season! It was a lot of fun to coach them, even if thirteen 9-year-olds sometimes felt like twelve too many. We ended up getting second place in the tournament, even though we started the tournament in last place.

(There may or may not have only been 3 teams in the tournament. Regardless, I was still very proud....especially since my girls made a double play in the semi-finals!)

A friend of mine came to one of our last games and took a few pictures.

One of my players was a little sad because her foot got stepped on.

The best softball coaches pace and yell while coaching third. Or so I've heard...


More pacing.

Assigning positions before my girls take the field.

Team picture hanging on my refrigerator


Tribute to Old Friends

When I was a junior in high school I bought a pair of Puma Roma shoes. They've been with me through thick an thin ever since then, and we've had some great adventures together.

Pumas at Fountains Abbey 

Pumas in Dover

Pumas at Stonehenge

All those years and that globe-canvassing have taken a toll on my trusty companions. Lately they haven't been looking so good.

Which is why I bought a brand new pair of Puma Romas last week. I hadn't realized just how bad of shape my old shoes were in until I put them side by side.