It's been a while since I wrote anything.  Life has pretty  much been business as usual.  I'm really enjoying my classes this semester.  While I could probably write pages and pages about how amazing physiology is, I will spare you.  It's bizarre to me that no one else finds it as fascinating as I do, but I try to be understanding :)

I finished a book on my reading list:  "The Hunt for Red October."  It was really good.  I wish I had more spare time, because it's almost embarrassing how long it took me to read the whole thing.  Right now I'm working on a book assigned to me for a political science class, so my reading list is on temporary hiatus.

Tonight was my roommate Kim's birthday.  Suzy wanted to make her a cake that my neighbors have euphemistically named 'Better than Spuds Cake' but when she mentioned it, she only called it 'Spuds Cake.'  Kim was a bit concerned about a cake made with potatoes, but Suzy quickly reassured her that the hash browns rehydrate during the baking process and take on the chocolaty flavor.  The elaborate stories that Suzy ad libs always amaze me.  For four days Kim was steeling herself to be brave as she ate the 'Spuds Cake,' determined to be open-minded and polite.  The poor thing.  Pretty soon all of our roommates were in on the secret, and only Kim was left to worry about what kind of people actually put potatoes in birthday cake.  Tonight we ate it.  She was such a trooper.  After her first bite, she asked where the hash browns were.  By that point we were all laughing so hard that she realized she had been had.  Happy 20th Kim!

In Relief Society yesterday we learned about the new website.  Members have been encouraged to go to the site and create profiles, much like the profiles on social networking sites like Facebook.  On your profile you post a picture of yourself and answer questions about your life and your beliefs.  These profiles are available to the public (but not any private information) and will be used as a tool by missionaries to help investigators.  If you want to make your own profile, click here.  When your profile is complete, you can even choose to link it to your Facebook or Twitter account or your blog.

My Relief Society is also starting a 90-Day Book of Mormon reading challenge.  If you'd like to download a chart and read along, click here.

School and work are good.  Life is great.  I'm really looking forward to the long weekend coming up!


I am a Runner

I've always had admiration for people who are 'runners.'  I got running shoes for Christmas 2009 and I decided to give running a try.  In January I started running with Suzy every day.  And I hated it.  Suzy ran a half-marathon last October, and she was thinking about doing another one.  She asked me if I would train with her and run the half in August.  After much deliberation I decided that I could probably be in shape to run 13 miles by August, so I agreed.  Then she changed her mind; there was a half-marathon in Provo that she wanted to run.  It was in May.  And I had already agreed to run with her.  I was stuck.

For the last four months we have been training.  Suzy is a pretty good coach, and we did a good job of sticking to our running schedule, although sometimes running had to take a back seat to school or work.  Yesterday was the big event.  I was so nervous. The day was cloudy and chilly.  Right as the cannon shot signaled the beginning of the race it started to rain.  It rained pretty much the whole time, except for when it was snowing. 

Around mile 10 I was looking around at the people Suzy and I were running near and feeling so impressed by all of them.  Then I had the realization:  I am a runner.  Yesterday I ran 13.1 miles without stopping.  I didn't go fast--it took a little over two hours for me to finish the race.  But I ran the whole way.  That makes me a runner.  And I am so proud of myself.


Eating a power bar/trying not to freeze to death!


Almost finished!


With some family and friends that came to watch