Festival of Colors!

Today I crossed another goal of the list:  attend Festival of Colors.

The festival is celebrated at the nearby Hare Krishna Temple to welcome spring.  Mostly it just consists of a bajillion college students showing up and throwing colored chalk at each other.

I went with Seth, Suzy, Natalie, Brynn, Katie, Laura, and their friend Jessica. We ran into Daniel and Ashlee and some of their friends too.

This is us before:

And this is us after:

I have never been so dirty in my life. Getting clean was a bit of an ordeal, and I think my scalp will just be orange for a while, but it sure was a lot of fun!


Oliver and Co.

On Saturday I went to Sandee's baby shower.  It's always fun to see my old roommates (sometimes referred to as the 'domestic goddesses').  She looked so cute.  I hope to be so adorable at 38 weeks someday.  Her baby boy was due in April...

Except he must have been really excited to come to such a great family. The little guy was born Sunday morning.  His name is Oliver, and I haven't met him in person yet but I already know that I love him and his mom and dad very much.  

Oliver John Clark
Born Sunday, March 20, 2011
5 lbs. 15 oz.

Oliver had surgery yesterday.  He's currently in the care of doctors at Primary Children's Hospital.

Please keep Oliver and company in your thoughts and prayers.


A Few Thoughts

Today is a beautiful day.  I'm so glad spring is on the horizon.  When I walked into work today there was a large arrangement of fresh flowers on my desk.  They aren't actually for me...they are for a lecture my office is sponsoring tonight, but they're beautiful just the same.  I love fresh flowers.  I'm very glad that I work where I do.  The people are friendly.  The hours are good.  There is an abundance of free food.  All around, it's just a good arrangement.

Today I got a paper handed back that was graded by three different people independently.  Two of the graders were the TAs for the class. One of the grades was a peer review.  Looking at the way they dissected my paper is making me laugh.  For example:  in the area 'Writing' (The writing is technically sound: grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct) I was given the highest point value by one grader, the exact middle point value by the second, and the lowest value by the third.  Didn't they all read the same paper?  Isn't the 'grammar and punctuation' category the most objective category when it comes to grading writing?  Makes me question the validity and authority of those handing out grades, you know?

I am going home this weekend for Junior Miss.  I love the Junior Miss program (hereafter referred to as Distinguished Young Women of America everywhere but on this blog....old habits die hard.)  When I graduate in 42 {!} days, I will officially be qualified to judge Junior Miss, which is something I would love to do.

A few days ago I made funnel cakes.  Some of my roommates didn't know what funnel cakes were?  I'm not sure where they've been all their lives.....  If anyone else is confused, this is a funnel cake:

You fill a funnel full of the batter and then swirl it into a pan of hot oil.  It's kinda like little doughnut worms or something. Although they taste much more delicious than 'doughnut worms' sounds.  I promise.

In other news:

*I got a haircut over the weekend.  I love haircuts.

*This picture made me feel a bit inspired.  It's called "Overheard on the Titanic":

What perspective, you know?

*The expiration date on the milk I bought yesterday was the date that Paul leaves Argentina.  That mean's it's close!


By Way of Good News

*Raisin tomorrow with the girls

*I stayed awake the whole way through Evolutionary Biology

*My homework is done before 2:00pm

*Jared got accepted to BYU

*Fun stationary website:  Lovely Stationary

*BLTs for dinner this week


One of the Many Reasons I Love Suzy

I've been meaning to blog for a few days, but I haven't thought of anything blog worthy....until now.  Suzy sent me this message today, and I laughed so hard that I felt like sharing.

15 things you are NOT required to know how to do in order to get a doctorate:

1. How to assemble non-ugly three-year review binders.
2. How to share empty cardboard boxes with one's playmates.
3. How to not handle all of the cookies when selecting one's favorite.
4. How to not lose dozens of sharpies regularly.
5. How to use a copier.
6. How to selectively print a FEW pages out of MASSIVE documents.
7. How to clean a scanner after getting sand all over it.
8. How to convert word documents to pdfs.
9. How to notice if mailboxes are ordered alphabetically.
10. How to sing the alphabet in one's head.
11. How to get an automatic stapler to staple.
12. How to keep an automatic stapler from rapid firing.
13. How to write polite things on co-worker's birthday cards.
14. How to respond to important emails.

and finally...

15. How to NOT BE AWKWARD!!!

With all my love,
from a quasi scientist to the real deal,

PS: All of the above are based on real experiences, many of which have happened since noon today.