"Let Them Eat {Insert Food Here}"

Lately my life has been quite full of physiology, obesity, mitochondria, C2 C12 cells in culture, grant proposals, oral presentations, review sessions, statistics tests, etc. In other words, my life has been quite full, but not of things that are super interesting to blog about.

So this post is about food. Which should one. Because I love to make food nearly as much as I love to eat it. Possibly more. (This is the primary reason that the research I do on obesity and metabolism is both incredibly relevant, moderately irksome, and occasionally guilt-inducing in my life. Ditto my cardiac physiology class. It turns out that my college student "nutrition" combined with my fairly sedentary lifestyle is probably going to kill me. If you, like me, feel that fruit is best dipped in chocolate, vegetables belong swimming in butter and salt, ice cream is a legitimate source of dairy, and walking up the stairs to your apartment counts as 'daily cardio,' rest assured that your heart hates you.)

And on that pleasant note, on to food! First, the bad news:

Suzanne went on study abroad to Europe last summer. (That's not the bad news.) She bought me a special present while she was there, and miraculously she kept it a secret for SIX WHOLE MONTHS which has GOT to be some kind of record for her. It was Cadbury hot chocolate. All the way from England. (That's also not the bad news.)

Last night I used the very last bit of my Cadbury chocolate. THAT is the bad news. I guess I just need to go back and get some more.....

And since it would be unfortunate to end on such an upsetting note, the good news!

Perhaps you have noticed (perhaps you have not...) that the list of recipes for the year has been steadily growing. So far I've liked all of them, but the recipe I made this week was especially good, partially because it was fantastically easy, and partially because it was just dang good.

Slow-cooker Caesar Chicken Sandwiches


A Bunch of Brunch

My roommates and I made lots of food for brunch on Saturday morning.  Mostly we (and by we I mean I) were looking for an excuse to make lots of delicious food.  Mission accomplished.

Chanel making pancakes
Look Mom!  We eat fruit!
Breakfast Potatoes
Cinnamon Sugar Pull-apart Bread 


Recent Happenings

I have been a terrible blogger of apologies.

One of the most exciting things that's happened to me lately is the camera I bought myself for Christmas.  I'm still learning how to use it, but it's an exciting adventure that I'm looking forward to.  

So here are some pictures I've taken with said camera of a few things I've done lately:

Strange abstract piece of "art" that I made last Saturday when I was bored.
Flowers Daniel, Suzanne and I surprised Grandma Smith with.
I finally broke down and bought my Endocrinology arrived today.
I taught Chanel how to make bread tonight.
Chanel wanted me to draw a picture of I did while the bread was rising. (First portrait in like 4.5 years...don't judge.)
Bread is done!