Playing Grown-up

Yesterday I arrived in Colorado for some kind of research conference or something. I've been wandering around since then pretending to be the kind of grown-up scientist that goes to science meetings and stuff. I heard a lot of scientific talks about a lot of things I don't understand. After that, I stood and answered questions for a few hours about a research project that we did in our lab that I understand a little bit better. I suppose this is good practice for someday when I'm not just pretending to be a grown-up scientist anymore. I don't know when that day will be, but I have my fingers crossed that it happens.

The poster my lab submitted to the conference


  1. you are the real deal. missed you in class today. have fun :)

  2. You are so awesome! You look like a grown-up scientist that goes to scientific meetings and stuff!

  3. Uhh, pretty sure you actually ARE a real grown-up scientist. You're so legit! From the outside looking in, Plan F seems to be going really well. :) Keep the updates coming!

  4. That's so great, Melissa! I hope you are enjoying yourself :)